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Dr. Clark now has ten (soon to be eleven, Lord willing) books available for sale under the names “Alan Bruce Clark PhD” and “Christian Bruce Clark PhD.” Multiple books have received “Amazon Best Seller” status with all receiving positive accolades. As for those organizations that Dr. Clark (who has two degrees from TAMU and who supports TAMU) feels are excellent, their events can be found at the following:


Houston A&M Club (houstonags.org)

Montgomery County A&M Club – The Oldest A&M Club established 1945 (mcaggies.org)

Reveille Club of Houston | Houston Aggies – Professional Networking in Houston


Regarding Phillip Wilkerson and Adam Koch, who have seemingly shown their strong support of Rev. Homer Edwin Young, Dr. Clark recommends that you be very cautious in any dealings that you have with them. He also recommends that you do a search of the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post archives at the public library. You will find that there is VERY STRONG EVIDENCE that the Rev. Homer Edwin Young at Second Baptist:

*Plagiarized (i.e., stole others’ intellectual property that he put in his books without credit being given and which arguably should have led to his dismissal but did not),

*Paid neither his personal income nor his personal property taxes (gee is it a surprise that there are those, including those with a knowledge of church finances and expected numbers, who are asking “if a minister stole from others, has he been for years pocketing the undesignated cash contributions to support a very lavish lifestyle?”),

*Employed a person impersonating a cop (gee is it a surprise that some ask does the Rev. Homer Edwin Young have “Mafia type protectors and enforcers” to call, stalk and show up at homes and jobs to harass, try to intimidate and even defame individuals?), and

*Employed a pedophile hanging out at K-12 public schools inviting kids to pizza parties at Second Baptist. (Enough said on this issue about the character of the Rev. Homer Edwin Young.)

If you check around with old timers in Houston you will likely find those who remember the Reverend:

*Pushing forward a vote on his “board members” on a loaded, relatively-poorly-attended Wednesday meeting rather than packed Sunday services, to get the perks he wanted,

*Promising to never, ever solicit funds over the air only to do it,

*Going to Catholic priests (who were taking a stand against abortions and were themselves living lives of poverty rather than extravagance, as they spent significant efforts feeding the homeless and caring for widows and orphans, rather than lining their own pockets with sweetheart deals) telling them in essence “we have the same problem; our singles are meeting their mates at bars; how about I hold a dance at my Second Baptist and you send all your singles and then you hold a dance at your church and I will send all my singles.” (Well do you think the dances at the Catholic churches were ever announced at Second or instead were the phone numbers and addresses of the single Catholics collected to be “worked” and only a few trusted Second Baptist individuals ever sent to the Catholic churches to do more recruiting, since the Catholic churches were “dead and God needed people to do Him a favor?”) Thus, Rev. Homer Edwin Young lied to them and was conning them out of their members? You decide.

*Letting/having a dedicated Second Baptist Singles’ Minister do all the dirty work for a Singles’ Radio Program that the minister had dreamed of doing and then giving the radio program to his own son,

*Taking great delight in grabbing his children’s pet gerbil and throwing it as far and as hard as he could from the backyard of his home.

Oh, lest Dr. Clark forget, the Rev. Homer Edwin Young went on TV proclaiming the infamous Enron’s Ken Lay to in essence be totally innocent. (Gee, are there those asking how much money he got in his back pocket for that deed?)

Yes, there is A LOT more that Dr. Clark can tell, about the Rev. Homer Edwin Young, who during at least one year got more than 20% of his gross income and who is his NUMBER ONE ANTICHRIST in this life, and yes Dr. Clark realizes that people like the Rev. Homer Edwin Young, Phillip Wilkerson and Adam Koch may very well have him killed, but that those who have already done him much harm cannot touch his soul. A JUST God has already started His judgment against the Rev. Homer Edwin Young with the death of his wife, exposure of the scandals of his “pastor” son in Grapevine, TX and death (from the seizures caused from binge drinking) of his granddaughter. Is Dr. Clark proclaiming himself to be without sin? Absolutely not, only Jesus Christ (the one born of the Virgin Mary, who died on a cross to pay the penalty for sin, who rose from the grave, who is alive today in the flesh seated at the right hand of God the Father and who will come again in glory, quite possibly very soon as Dr. Clark’s books reveal) is PERFECT. Instead, Dr. Clark is issuing a warning against the above three individuals, and is grateful for the honest people in life who have been buying his books, since it means that more can be done for decent entities and individuals. Gig ’em.